Tuesday, March 24, 2009

13 Unique Wonders

I thought I'd make a birthday card for my grandma, and this is how it turned out:

My grandparents are big fans of Mah-Jongg, and often host games at their house. The hand I put on the birthday card is one of the highest scoring hands you can get in the game, due to the difficulty of drawing the right tiles. My grandparents actually have pictures of their lucky hands in photo albums to show off to other Mah-Jongg players. Hey, I'm impressed! :)

This was the first time I tried "inking" the outlines in Flash. I've seen some other artists get very nice results from changing lines into fills to adjust the shape of the outlines... but I got lazy and just left them as lines :P Overall I was pretty happy with the control I had over the shape of the lines, even though it probably ended up taking about twice as long as it would have taken had I inked them freehand in Photoshop.

I keep telling myself that someday I'll learn how to render! Y'know, light sources and textures and all that jazz. I guess I get too impatient and want my illustrations to just be finished already. Maybe that's the animator in me wanting to move on to the next drawing...