Sunday, January 17, 2010

ArtRage tryout

I discovered a cheap, simple art program called "ArtRage" that tries to simulate real-world tools such as paint brushes, pencil, marker, etc. They have a 30-day demo so I tried it out. Overall it feels really nice! You can control how much paint is loaded onto the brush, add thinners, easily control the rotation of the canvas and the drawing implement (very useful!) and all sorts of intuitive settings. And for $40 it's definitely affordable. I just wish I knew how to paint better. :P  Anyway here's how it turned out (I got too lazy and didn't do a background):

I've been fascinated with birds lately since there's a freshwater marsh across the street from my work, and I recently picked up David Attenborough's "The Life of Birds" BBC series so I've been watching and sketching.  Maybe I'll post a few sketches that I'm happy with later.

Work has been busy as we prepare for yet another demo, but there's some fun stuff I'm working on :)