Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Contest Entry

So one of the online games I play has these drawing contests on their forums every few months or so.  Figured I'd give it a shot for some in-game currency.  Mostly it was an excuse to keep drawing and trying out new stuff.

This time I tried a technique that one of the panelists at last year's Comic-Con demonstrated when coloring in Photoshop.  Basically they start out "flatting" dark shadowy color, and then layering it up on "screen" until it reaches its lightest highlights.  At first I didn't see how this would be possible, I mean, if you want something red, shouldn't you start with the midtone red rather than the dark murky brownish-red of the shadow?

But after a little experimenting with my color palette it did seem to work out alright.  My question now is how to keep all those shades of brown organized!  They all look the same on my monitor, it's only once you start building up layers that you see what different colors they turn into.

Anyway, here's how it turned out: