Sunday, August 01, 2010

Another Pencil Test for Guild Class

This time the line of dialogue is from a movie called "Sling Blade" starring Billy Bob Thornton. The audio quality for the dialogue wasn't great, but I had fun working with it. I also wanted to try my hand at more exaggerated takes like they did on the Looney Tunes. I studied "Dripalong Daffy," in particular the scene where Daffy takes a drink from the bar. It's amazing what the animators were able to do with just a few drawings! Very efficient yet hilarious at the same time.

I've got to give props to the sound engineers who worked on those old WB shorts as well - up until I started adding some SFX to my pencil test I kept thinking it was not quite finished. The right sound can make all the difference!

I have to say... the hardest part was the rocking chair! I should have just modeled the damn thing in Maya instead of trying to work out all the in-betweens and perspective by hand. But hey, now I can say I did the whole thing old school.