Monday, December 09, 2013

Advent! Dec 8

I didn't get a chance to do a painting for December 7th, since Tommy and I had tickets to see Miyazaki's last film, "The Wind Rises," immediately prior to a friend's holiday party, which lasted until the wee hours!  The Wind Rises was amazing, as usual, but definitely a less light-hearted affair than some of his other films like Ponyo or Totoro.

Anyway, I borrowed quite heavily from Eyvind Earle for this one, having been inspired by the gallery currently on display at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank.  That man had such a keen eye for design, line, and color!  It was simply breathtaking getting to see some of his original paintings up close.

Perhaps if I keep painting for another 40 years I might learn a thing or two. Like, what to do about shadows falling across the deer... I tried several versions but none of them looked right.  Maybe it's just that the deer doesn't fit into the stylized background at all, so having straight shadows falling across the body wouldn't ever work.

At any rate, little chickadee continues her journey, having hitched a ride with a friend!

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