Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent! Dec 9

Continuing the contrasty dark trees/light snow motif this evening.  I saw some cool photos of frozen streams and decided to tackle one myself.  I wasn't too happy with the color choice for yesterday's deer, so I toned down the saturation a bit for today's painting.  I may go back and adjust the other one at some point later.

When I was growing up, we had a big family group that drove up to Tahoe in the winter and stayed at a cabin right across the road from a hilly valley area, with a frozen stream at the bottom of it.  We would sled down the hills and build snow forts and have epic snowball fights there!  Our dads would carve out a "luge" which would harden up overnight for really slick sledding the next morning.  But we had to be careful to bail out before getting to the bottom, or we'd slide right into the stream!  It never got cold enough to freeze solid, so it was kind of a dangerous obstacle.

Chickadee's riding partner has decided not to risk crossing the ice, so she takes to the air once more...

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