Monday, December 16, 2013

Gaudete! (3rd Week of Advent)

So... my grand plan to do a completed piece every day during Advent has quickly fallen apart.  What with holiday parties, Christmas shopping, the usual laundry and errands, plus the rapid temperature drop in the evenings, it's often difficult to set myself down for a solid block of time and create art.  Drawing with stiff, cold hands can get frustrating!  Of course, the Law & Order marathons aren't helping, either... it's so easy to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and veg in front of the TV.

Still, it's nice to draw, once I actually get into it.  Advent is a season of preparation and introspection, much like Lent but with a bit less guilt. :)  My priest says this can be a season to ask ourselves what we can give to the world, what positive things we accomplish in our lives, rather than focusing on where we have failed.   Drawing is a simple answer to that question, for me.  It's especially appropriate to give thanks for our gifts during the 3rd week of Advent, kicked off by "Gaudete" Sunday.  Gaudete translates as "Rejoice!" in Latin, and we pull out the pink chapel decorations to punctuate the happy week.

This latest work-in-progress is going to take another day or two to finish.  It's influenced by Beatrix Potter's lovely illustrations, which is why I've been playing around with watercolor tools in ArtRage to get ready.  I was even tempted to give the chipmunk a little jacket, but then thought it would be strange since Chickadee hasn't been wearing any clothing this whole time.

At this point I'm undecided as to whether I should "ink" the drawing prior to painting.  I may just leave it, Beatrix's line art rather sketchy anyway.

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Jeff Wade said...

As a frustrated creator myself, I will say, never lose hope and never give up on your dream, which was given by God.

I have problems with my projects. I have setbacks. My progress is as slow as a turtle, but I carry on the best I can.

I found that my ideas grow with time. Maybe you are not suppose to draw at certain times? Maybe your ideas and talent are to be used for something else? Whatever the case, please don't give up.

Why do I care so much? Well...I can't draw.